Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's Through Relationship: Teaching Grace

It's through retrospect that I see in a clearer picture of the man I am today. I have many faults and many fears but nothing can separate me from grace. The grace that I have been taught since a young age. It was taught in church and at home through games, lessons, stories, dramas and song. But none of these teaching methods can compare to one thing--relationship.

The most appropriate way to learn about grace, especially God's grace, is through the experience of having a relationship with the one teaching. How did Jesus teach His disciples about the Kingdom of God? Through relationship. He said, "Follow me" and the rest is history. He simply lived out His destined life and died His necessary death all while His disciples watched. They learned through experience, through heartache, through joy, through wonder, through uncertainty, through miracles, through confusion, through doubt (come on, Thomas!) and through trust. It was through a relationship with Jesus that these men went on to change the face of the planet!

Think about this, maybe we're not making a huge difference around us because we aren't taking our relationship with Jesus seriously. Or maybe some of us don't even have a relationship with Jesus to begin with and we are just fooling ourselves! If we are to be Jesus' disciples then we ought to start acting like it. If we are going to be believers then maybe we should be more believable from the outside looking in.

The truth is, people are watching you. What are you teaching them through your words and actions? Is it worth learning? Is it worth following? Is it worth where you are leading them? To whom are you leading them?

If you are a follower of Jesus then these are CRUCIAL questions to answer for yourself. Because if the answer isn't rooted in the message of grace through the completed work of Jesus then your life is meaningless and you would be better off chasing the wind. (Read Ecclesiastes, it's depressing.)

The point is, it's through retrospect that you see in a clearer picture of the person you are today. You will find yourself as a person with many faults and many fears. But if you are a follower of Jesus then nothing can separate you from the grace of the Father! And that FACT should drive you crazy if you never share it with others. Crazy! If not, maybe you haven't experienced the reality of His grace.

If you have not experienced God's grace, I pray you do! If you have, I pray you share it THROUGH relationship with the ones who haven't. May God continue to develop you in your faith and that you are open to leaving complacency.

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