Wednesday, August 7, 2013


"Your legacy is going to be most important to the people you're with right now. Invest in the people closest to you."  ~ Reggie Joiner, author of Think Orange.

Many of us, I feel safe to say, probably don't think a lot about the legacy that we will leave behind. I mean, come on, as each day unfolds we are way more consumed with the demands that we have to meet before the clock strikes 5pm... or whenever we're done for the work day. The point is life can be busy.

But it doesn't have to be busy all the time. It's important to make time for what matters most--other people!

Whenever I would think about the term legacy I would automatically think about it as being family. But here is what I've grown to understand...your legacy can go far beyond blood relation. The legacy you leave behind can be anyone within your sphere of influence.

Make every moment in your life count! You never know who you will inspire or whose life you will change. Always remember that, as Christians, we were redeemed so that we may live our lives sacrificially so that others may come to know our Savior, Jesus. And no other legacy can be greater than the legacy within the Kingdom of God.

Know Christ and Make Him Known!

In Christ,
~Justin Hall
Families Pastor