Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Night My Child

This is a poem that I wanted to write for whoever is facing a separation. The effects that divorce has on a family is tremendous. I hope this serves as a way to deter you or someone you know from going through with divorce--unless it's a chronically abusive situation.

Good Night My Child

Good night my love what a day we’ve had.
To say it's good would be an utter lie.
Nothing warned us that we’d fall apart
I thought you’d stay until the day I died.
But now you’ve said what you’ve needed to and now you want to leave with him and leave behind all that our love supplied.

Good night my child what a day you’ve had.
To say its sweet would be a far-fetched truth.
I know you’re sad but please hear me now
Your mother said she’ll always love you.
No, my dear, the fault is ours it was never yours but what is yours is my beating heart, our love will always be.

Good night my love how did it come to this?
I thought our love was made of more than this.
When will your love and faith come back to me?
Please help me understand how this came to be.
So if you ask of me to please forgive I’ll surely do all you ask to keep you here, our baby girl is still awake and she cries for you.

Goodbye my love what a run we’ve had.
I thought I’d never see your love not mine.
What does he have that I’ve never given you?
My vows were more than just clever lines.
But now you’re gone and all the love I have for you is here pushed into the deepest part of where I hardly go.

Good night my child I’ll hold you as you sleep.
I pray your dreams will shelter your sweet mind.
This night I vow to take good care of you and never leave,
Your heart is good;
Oh please believe that I’m here for you.

Good night my child.